Collector's Deed

    If the property sold at tax certificate sale has not been redeemed during the one-year redemption period, the holder of the Certificate of Purchase may apply for and receive a Collector's Deed to the property. A Collector's Deed can be issued to the Certificate of Purchase holder when all RsMO statutes have been met.

    1. The legal holder of the Certificate of Purchase is named as the original tax sale purchaser or the assignee on the original Certificate of Purchase.

    2. The purchaser shall obtain a title search from a licensed attorney or a licensed title company detailing the ownership and encumbrances on the property. A paid receipt along with copy of title search must be furnished to this office.

    3. Certificate of Purchase holder has to notify by certified mail, return receipt and regular mail requested, and first class mail, any person who holds a publicly recorded deed of trust, mortgage, lease, lien, or claim upon the property, as well as the property owner. This notice must explain their right to redeem within ninety days by contacting our office "or be forever barred". The exact date, legal description, and your return address must also be stated in your letter. Original copies of all letters, envelopes, receipts of mailings, and all returned mail from the post office must be turned over to this office.

    4. The Certificate of Purchase has been surrendered to the Collector.

    5. To ensure a refund of Title Search & Postage fees, receipts must be turned into the Collector's Office. Any fees will not be reimbursed if all receipts have not been turned into the office prior to redemption. A redemption will not be held if receipts have not been submitted to the Collector's Office! The Collector's Office is NOT responsible for calling the Certificate of Purchase holder to obtain this information!!

    6. The Certificate of Purchase holder must sign and have notarized an affidavit that he has complied with all provisions as specified therein prior to receiving a Collector's Deed. Such affidavit must include: name of purchaser, date of sale, legal description of property purchased, date & to whom every required notice was sent, and have attached the following original documents:
    a. title search report
    b. and, for each recipient, the following:
    * 1st class mail & certified mail notices
    * addressed envelopes as they appeared immediately before mailing
    * certified mail receipt as it appeared upon its return, and
    * any returned regular mail envelopes

    7. Appropriate fees have been paid to the Collector including recording fees and any unpaid taxes.

    Failure of the purchaser to obtain a Collector's Deed within 18 months from the date on the Certificate of Purchase results in the loss of the purchaser's lien on the property. The property will then revert back to the original Title holder.